Discover the New Gospel Series

The root of this series of seven “books” is the New Gospel: “Narrated Version,” or alternatively, the New Gospel: “Illustrated Version” — about the same length as a biblical gospel but which reaches significantly different conclusions, more appropriate for today’s world.  Either of these prepares you for the Undergraduate-level course, based on the “Annotated Version” (1st Course).  If you hunger for more, read the Masters-level “Commentary” (2nd Course), and finally the Doctoral-level “Polemics” (3rd Third Course).  In “Letters,” you can selectively drill down further by extra credit reading from a universe covering more than 80 topics.  The final “book” is the “Conversation,” an encyclopedia of hundreds of quotations from great thinkers drawn from over 2,500 years of history, contrasting the old and new worldviews.

New Gospel Narrated Version Cover

The New Gospel: Narrated Version

Listen to this first (75 minutes)

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The New Gospel Illustrated Version Cover

The New Gospel: Illustrated Version

OR read this first (32 pages)

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The New Gospel: Annotated Version Cover

The New Gospel: Annotated Version

OR take 1st Course (Undergraduate Level) (84 pages)

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The New Gospel: Commentary Cover

The New Gospel: Commentary

2nd Second Course (Masters Level) (291 pages)

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“The pursuit of Truth makes all other virtues possible, yet the only truth you know for sure is that you do not know for sure.”