The New Gospel: Conversaton

The 2,500-year “great conversation of the wise” — more than 900 quotes covering about 60 topics — reproduced quote by quote on subjects ranging from Truth, to God, to Egoism to Hell to Historiography, and so forth.  For example, compare the words of Protagoras, Xenophanes, Seneca, Augustine, Voltaire, James Frazer, Mark Twain, Einstein, C.S. Lewis, Pope Benedict, Rick Warren, and Julia Sweeney about God, or the words of Plato, Newton, William James, Einstein, C.S. Lewis, Rachel Carson, Carl Sagan, and Steven Weinberg on Transcendence.

To obtain the Conversation in the New Gospel Series at no charge:

“It is like a great conversation of the wise, both of the living and of those long ago fallen asleep, who in their written words still speak.”
"It shall com to pass in the new time, though I shall never return in the flesh, my true gospel shall at last be recovered and brought into the light."