The New Gospel: Polemics

A “polemic” is a formally structured verbal attack against a stipulated set of beliefs.   It can be followed by a defensive response called an “apology.”  The nine polemics in this book are supplementary to The New Gospel: Commentary.  The first four are directed at the principal books of the New Testament.  The next two polemics look at the Classical World that was displaced by Christianity and the battle among Paganism, Judaism and Christianity during the first four centuries of the Christian era, and how, at the end of that period, Christianity could declare victory.  The next polemic responds to popular modern apologists including C.S. Lewis.  The next looks at why Western religion continues to be influential in today’s world in the face of (1) the European Enlightenment, (2) the growth of democratic nation-states and (3) the material progress of the West.  The final polemic speculates about how humanism might eventually supplant Christianity.

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“Why say to your brother, ‘Here, let me show you the Truth,’ when your own eye sees so little?  Weigh the beliefs of others as you would have them consider your own.”
"It shall com to pass in the new time, though I shall never return in the flesh, my true gospel shall at last be recovered and brought into the light."