Mark Rubinstein has been a professor of finance at UC Berkeley since 1972 (now emeritus).  He is widely published and has won many awards for his research and teaching.  In 1993, he was elected President of the American Finance Association.  His intellectual interests have been varied, and in 2005 he made the singular decision to shift his research from finance to religion.   Since mid-2013, he has published thirteen articles in Skeptical Inquirer and Free Inquiry, organs of the Center for Inquiry.  Since mid-2014, he has been a masthead contributing columnist for Free Inquiry.

His wide interests have brought him to write essays, with sparkles of humor, showing surprising connections among normally disjunctive subjects: what happened to the story of Paul Revere’s midnight ride is strikingly similar to how the story of Jesus evolved, a tongue-in-check analysis that shows that the biblical Gospels were written in anticipation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and how Moses and Jesus anticipated the life of Superman. In another essay, he imagines how Matthew, the biblical evangelist, would have filled out an “Application for the Position of Biblical Evangelist.”

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Judas knew the people loved parables and asked Joses to teach them another one.  Joses spoke, saying, “You have heard that faith must come before understanding, but I say instead to you: Faith appears like a clown of a thousand and one faces, only one unpainted.  In the same way, will faith be followed by a thousand errors and one Truth.”
"It shall com to pass in the new time, though I shall never return in the flesh, my true gospel shall at last be recovered and brought into the light."